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Rescue Roofer and the Saint Bernard Story

Discovering that you have a leak in your Orange County CA home coming from your roof during a rainstorm is never a pleasant experience. So, after more than a quarter century of helping thousands of customers resolve their roofing problems, Rescue Roofer has formally adopted the practices performed by the dogs and monks of the Saint Bernard Monastery in the following manner:

  1. First, by responding quickly to the needs of our clients with 24 HR “‘On-Time” Emergency Service & Repair.
  2. Secondly, by predicting and preventing roofing problems before they occur.Thirdly, by guiding and directing our clients on the right path to a mutually satisfying roofing solution.
  3. Finally, by serving our clients with the utmost respect and dignity we can offer.

Rescue Roofer is geared up for the Winter Season of 2012& 2013 by staying close to our clients in their respective neighborhoods of Orange County Ca. We have added a fleet of emergency-stocked vehicles and roofing equipment to be able to fix your problem (in most cases)on the spot. If the problem requires more extensive work, we offer temporary tarps and/or repairs that may be credited towards a future guaranteed expert repair or a permanent re-roofing solution.