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Roof Tune-Ups:

Roof penetration seals should be re-done every 5 years, if you haven’t had a roof tune-up in the past 5 years you are asking for trouble. Even though you may not see leaking on your roof, small amounts of moisture seep through the pipe and vent penetrations through cracked seals causing mold, mildew and rot.


Rescue Roofer provides an inexpensive roof maintenance program. The experts know they have to maintain their roofs, just like a mechanic knows they have to maintain their car. Property managers, building maintenance engineers and roofing experts understand the importance of having a roofing maintenance program to extend the life of their roofs and prevent future damage.

Some of the things that need to be watched for regularly are: Debris, ponding, roof penetration seals, material and structural integrity such as lose/missing or cracked shingles/tiles and seals which could allow moisture to enter, attic inspection to determine the energy efficiency of the roof and insulation